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Bamboo shoots are in season now
It's necessary to parboil a bamboo shoot to remove the lye.




f:id:osanpowanko:20140227173908p:plain Parboil a bamboo shoot

Add about 50g of rice bran to 1㎏ of Bamboo shoot


f:id:osanpowanko:20140227173908p:plain How to  remove the lye


(1)Cut off about 5cm of the tip and make a vertical cut.
Peel off about 3 layers by hand, scrape off small spots at the roots.
(2)Wash the bamboo shoot. Place in a large pot and add rice bran and then pour plenty of water.
(3)Simmer on high heat. When it comes to a boil, turn the heat to low and cook for 30 minutes with a drop-lid.
(you can also use paper towel or heat resistant plate instead of drop lid)
Be careful not to let it boil over.
It's done when a skewer(folk) go through into the base easily.
Turn off the heat and leave it until it cools down.
(4)After it cools down, wash carefully and peel off the brown skin.
(5)Put it zipper bag, immerse completely in water and store in the refrigerator.
It will last for 5 days if you keep refrigerated. Please change the water every day.


f:id:osanpowanko:20140227173908p:plain メモ

Usually, rice bran is placed next to the Takenoko section of a supermarket.
Instead of using rice bran, you can also pre-cook Takenoko using unwashed rice(about 3tbsp)or baking soda(about 1tsp per 1L of water).


No matter how you cook it, boiled takenoko is tasty!