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Bamboo shoots are one of the spring specials in Japan.
Par-boiled bamboo shoot goes well with any dish.



par-boiled bamboo shoot
bamboo shoot tempura
simmered bamboo shoot
seasoned rice with bamboo shoot
bamboo shoot and seaweed soup
chinese style stir-fry
stir-fried bamboo shoot
grilled bamboo shoot with sweet miso sauce


【How to cook Takenoko gohan, seasoned rice with bamboo shoots】


f:id:osanpowanko:20140227173908p:plain 材料

2cups rice
par-boiled bamboo shoots about150g
(optional,Shiitake mushroom and fried tofu)
1tbsp Cooking sake
2tbsp Mirin
2tbsp Soy sauce
pinch of salt


f:id:osanpowanko:20140227173908p:plain 作り方

Cut the boiled bamboo shoots into bite sizes.
Place washed rice and seasonings in a rice cooker and pour water(or Dashi) as instructed.
Add the bamboo shoots and turn on the rice cooker.


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